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Welcome to the virtual database of Maltese !


Dear Friends! Dear Colleques!
We are very glad to see you at our site – Electronic Breed Catalog of Maltese!

The main purpose of creating of this Catalog is to collect all possible information about Maltese dogs, living in Russia and outside!

We sincerely hope that by joining our efforts – of all Maltese dog owners, who are interesting in having full honest info about the breed – we will collect a lot of information not only about our contemporary dogs, but about their ancestors as well.

Section «Catalog» – is open for all registered maltese dogs owners electronic database. On personal page of the dog you can find pedigree of the dog, information about the owner and the breeder, the titles achieved, results of health tests, information about offsprings

Section «Shows» – is for all info concerning maltese breed rings at national, International shows, and allows to see the results of the dogs you are looking for. This section is connected with breed catalog and all show results are automatically shown on personal pages of the dog.

In section «Kennels» you can find all information concerning kennels and breeders in Russia and abroad, both contemporary and old already not acting.

Section «Statistics» is devoted to the number of statistical samplings on the base of the information from Breed Catalog.

Button «Site» will return you back to main site «Maltese of Russia» where you can find general info about the breed.

We are kindly inviting for co-operation all who is sincerely interesting in our great breed – Maltese!

Not registered users can only see info in Breed catalog, but not able to edit or to correct it.

The procedure of registration is not complicated, and will allow user to work in full with Breed Catalog.


We want to express our sincere gratitude to Catherine Chemakina (St-P), Marina & Marina Lazarevy (Moscow) and Yulia Chizhevskaya (St-P) – for their help in creating of Breed database

And our Special Thanks to Svetlana Kovaleva for her invaluable help and work over the Breed Catalog from moment of creating idea till it’s fulfillment!

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